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In October 2017, 28 year old Chantelle Villeneuve opened Bon ApaTreat on Highview Drive in Kitchener and has already earned a strong customer base. From custom cakes to squares to cookies, her talent knows no bounds. With a solid foundation in the culinary industry, she decided to set her focus on the exacting discipline of baking. She hasn’t regretted it for a single moment.


“When I was a kid I would go to my grandma’s house and we would make strawberry shortcake or muffins or some other dessert. My mom and I would bake chocolate chip tollhouse cookies and I actually memorized the recipe.”


“My Mom and my Grandma were the bakers and my Dad was the chef. Food was always really important and I was always intrigued with it growing up,” Villeneuve says with a smile. “We would cook different things like Asian or Thai food. I grew up with a broad spectrum of foods from around the world,” Villeneuve remembers.

Be it a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, any occasion at all, Bon ApaTreat offers a wide scope of products guaranteed to impress not only visually, but where it really counts – when you get to eat it.